The Fall Air Works Consignment Auction
September 20 & 21, 2018

Consign to the Classic Air Works Auction!

With our second Fall Auction coming in several months, we are accepting consignments of Heavy Equipment, Sawmill-, Pallet Shop-, & Logging Equipment, Rolling Stock and Power Units. You may consign online or contact the auction office @ 330.749.4362 for more information.

Rejection of Consignments

Air Works Consignment Auction reserves the right to reject any items that do not fit our auction.  We will screen items of little or no value.  No hazardous materials will be accepted.

Consign Online!

We invite you to consign your items online.  You'll need to register and setup a simple account, activate your account, and then begin to consign your items.  It's that simple!

You may also upload photos of the items you have consigned.  Once you've completed the consignments, just click on the "Upload Photos" button, drag your photos to the que, and submit.  Again, it's that simple!

If you did not consign items online, you can still upload photos!  All you need to do is register an account and upload your files.  Your registration information will allow us to match your photos with your consignments for advertising purposes.


Your privacy is important to us.  We will only use your registration information to facilitate the consignment of your items, much like we do with any paper-submitted consignment. 

Descriptions and photographs of the items you consign will be used for advertising purposes.  We reserve the right to use these photos for advertising purposes of future Air Works Consignment Auctions as well.